J.D. Thompson’s Organizations in Action 50th anniversary: a reflection

J.D. Thompson’s Organizations in Action 
50th anniversary: a reflection

Edited by Francesco Maria Barbini and Giovanni Masino

At the 50th anniversary of James D. Thompson’s fundamental book, Organizations in Action, TAO Digital Library proposes a reflection on this great master’s legacy and the evolution of organizational studies. Twelve researchers, from different disciplinary fields, analyze both the texts utilized for teaching and the contribution of several important journals, particularly in recent decades. The outcome is an overall picture that may stimulate different, divergent evaluations and, even more importantly, desirable, deeper reflections.

J.D. Thompson, Organizations in action, Organization theory, Organization studies.

Table of contents
Francesco M. Barbini, Massimo Neri, Thompson’s legacy on education
Giovanni Masino, Michela Marchiori, ASQ: history and debates
Enrico Cori, Organization Science: recent theories and research
Micol Bronzini, Stefano Neri, The sociological view and organization theory
Giuseppe Scaratti, Luca Vecchio, The psychological view and organization theory
Cristina Dallara, Political science and organization theory
Lucia Marchegiani, Managerial studies and organization theory
Marco Zamarian, The editorial structure of top organization journals

Barbini F.M., Masino G. (Eds.), 2017, J.D. Thompson’s Organizations in Action 50th anniversary: a reflection, http://amsacta.cib.unibo.it, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-15-1
DOI: 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/5737

Received: 27/09/2017
Accepted: 02/11/2017
Published: 27/11/2017