Posted work: informality and social regulation

Posted work:
Informality and social regulation

Jens Thoemmes
CNRS, Université de Toulouse Jean-Jaurès

Posting represents a growing dimension of intra-European mobility. This ebook proposes an analysis of posted work, based on transnational research conducted with Portuguese workers in the construction sector in France. Inspired by Reynaud’s theory of social regulation, the approach adopted considers posted work as a social system, opposed to traditional industrial relations. The result of the regulation process shows a shift from migration to mobility characterized by poor working conditions and unofficial negotiations and agreements. But posting cannot be considered as “informal” employment. Posting creates its own rules that need to be considered as much as legal elements in order to understand the growing trend and the use of these workers.

Posted work, Social regulation, Informality, Construction sector, Organizational action.

Thoemmes J., 2020, Posted work: Informality and social regulation,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-23-6

Received: 10/06/2020
Accepted: 17/07/2020
Published: 05/10/2020