La sfida del job crafting

La sfida del job crafting

Ebook of the Research Program
“The Organization Workshop”

Domenico Berdicchia
Università di Ferrara

Giovanni Masino
Università di Ferrara

The concept of job crafting refers to behaviors through which workers, at all levels, proactively change or reshape some significant aspects of their job to make it more coherent to their preferences, attitudes, abilities and needs. In this volume, the authors review two decades of theoretical and empirical research on job crafting. Furthermore, they examine some recent wider organizational and social trends, such as the threat of new advanced technologies for current jobs and the increasingly widespread aspiration for more independent and meaningful work, while reflecting on the potential advantages of facilitating and encouraging job crafting in a world of work characterized by such changes. Finally, the authors identify some key challenges that job crafting studies will have to face in the near future in order to make job crafting more practically relevant for work organization and human resource management.

Job crafting; Work processes; Proactive behavior; Human resource management; Organizational action.


Berdicchia D., Masino G., 2023, La sfida del job crafting,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-31-1

Received: 03/09/2023
Accepted: 01/11/2023
Published: 04/12/2023

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