Problemi organizzativi e prospettive del sistema sanitario in Italia

Problemi organizzativi e prospettive del sistema sanitario in Italia

Ebook of the Interdisciplinary Research Program
“Organization and Well-being”

edited by Giovanni Rulli, Angelo Salento

The Italian National Health Service is facing a crisis characterized by healthcare deficiencies, economic inefficiencies, and a lack of investments. Furthermore, the ongoing public debate on this critical issue remains incomplete. This book addresses these challenges by fostering interdisciplinary discussions, analyzing organizational issues, and identifying strategies to revitalize the healthcare system in accordance with constitutional principles and the needs of the diverse Italian regions. The decentralized and unequal state of the Italian healthcare system is examined through a comparative analysis of the Lombardia region in the North of Italy and the Puglia region in the South of Italy. Despite similar national funding per capita, demographic disparities impact resource allocation: only individuals with higher income levels can afford more extensive personal spending on private healthcare when the public healthcare system is deficient. This book provides insights into the evolution of the Italian National Health Service, from its inception to the current crisis, serving as a platform for informed debates and proposals for revitalizing actions.

National health systems; Citizens’ well-being; Italian Constitution, Health policy, Organizational action.

Table of contents
Giovanni Rulli, Angelo Salento, Una discussione per il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale
Giovanni Rulli, L’istituzione del Servizio Sanitario Nazionale e la sua eredità
Lavinia Bifulco, Riordino e aziendalizzazione del Servizio Sanitario Nazionale
Luigi Macchi, Riordino e aziendalizzazione del Servizio Sanitario in Lombardia
Maurizio Portaluri, Prospettive per la sanità pugliese
Luigi Macchi, Giovanni Rulli, Obiettivi e proposte per la sanità lombarda

Rulli G., Salento A. (Eds.), 2023, Problemi organizzativi e prospettive del sistema sanitario in Italia,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-34-2

Received: 27/06/2023
Accepted: 25/10/2023
Published: 13/11/2023