Prévention de la pénibilité: une approche contradictoire ?

Prévention de la pénibilité : une approche contradictoire ?

Bruno Maggi
Università di Bologna e Università di Ferrara

In France, recent  laws concerning retirement foresee the obligation to reach agreements in order to prevent some risks, whose disabling consequences imply forms of compensations. These norms raise a number of issues: the language used to define risks, damages and their consequences, generates ambiguities, and some contradictions with the norms concerning health and safety at work appear. It is plausible that this depends on distorted interpretations of the general prevention principles that have been widespread for a long time, which inhibit to reduce effectively the high rates of work accidents and professional diseases.

Prevention, Risks at work, Hardness at work, Retirement, Organizational action.

Maggi B., 2012, Prévention de la pénibilité: une approche contradictoire?,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-906740-3-7
DOI: 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/3237

Received: 21/12/2011
Accepted: 28/02/2012
Published: 08/03/2012