Theories on stress / Teorie sullo stress

Theories on stress
Teorie sullo stress

Ebook of the Interdisciplinary Research Program “Organization and Well-being”

Edited by Giovanni Rulli

Two theories on stress are introduced. The first one proposes the unification of the two great research traditions on stress, biological and psychological, within a systemic science, psychoneuroendocrineimmunologic, aimed at both explaining the complex interaction between different levels of stress incidence on health and disease, and integrating the care of the others and the care of oneself.  The other theory, oriented towards the study and the improvement of human being’s condition, especially well-being at work, criticizes the psychological interpretative perspectives. According to this theory, stress is conceived as a psychoneuroendocrineimmune process, while health and prevention are seen as perfectible processes. Several differences, compatible elements as well as synergies between the two theories emerge.

Stress, Well-being, Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology, Prevention as process, Organizational action.

Table of contents
Francesco Bottaccioli, Stress science as a whole organism science
Giovanni Rulli, Well-being, prevention and stress as processes

Rulli G. (Ed.), 2014, Theories on stress / Teorie sullo stress,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-05-2
DOI: 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/4135

Received: 31/07/2014
Accepted: 15/10/2014
Published: 15/12/2014

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