Industria 4.0: Oltre il determinismo tecnologico

Industria 4.0: Oltre il determinismo tecnologico

Ebook of the Research Program “The Organization Workshop”

edited by Angelo Salento
Università del Salento

In the age of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, the social sciences and organizational studies are called to a very demanding challenge: overcoming technological determinism to understand the dynamics and perspectives of a transformation not at all automatic. The contributions collected in this book address, starting from different disciplinary perspectives, some of the most relevant questions posed by technological transformation: which are the dominant actors of this transformation? What is the relationship between technological transformation and organizational action? What is the role of workers in the technological transition? The element common to all contributions is the reasoned removal of a deterministic interpretation of technological transformation, the methodological rejection of the idea of self-development of technology.

Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Organizational action, Work, (anti-)Determinism.

Table of contents
Angelo Salento, Industria 4.0 e determinismo tecnologico
Giovanni Masino, Industria 4.0 tra passato e futuro
Bruno Maggi, Digitalizzazione e regolazione dei processi di lavoro
Angelo Gasparre, Digitalizzazione e cambiamento organizzativo
Matteo Rinaldini, Autonomia nella fabbrica 4.0

Salento A. (Ed.), 2018, Industria 4.0: Oltre il determinismo tecnologico,, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.
ISBN: 978-88-98626-16-8

Received: 23/09/2018
Accepted: 08/11/2018
Published: 07/12/2018